I was born in Pretoria - South Africa, to a family of entrepreneurs and artists.

At the age of 5, I was fortunate to have spent my first year of schooling at sea, travelling to South America and beyond.

Back in South Africa, my first business venture was started at the age of 8. This gave me the necessary foundation to understand that business is all about people and fair trade.

Applying my foundation with fair trade, business and people skills, I've been fortunate and humbled to have owned and worked in some of the following businesses online and offline:

  • financial advisory
  • accounting and management consulting  - covering a wide range of SME businesses
  • online and offline property finance - commercial and residential
  • internet - solutions/project management/sustainability (current focus)
My preferred primary focus, as this creates a more balanced world for all: "To be involved in creating business solutions, which facilitate sustainability via the 3 pillars which are social, economic and environmental".

It just makes human sense...

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