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My ultimate project with the most scope globally! Finally, an address system for people to notify companies of any changes in their contact  information.

What this includes (once again a custom build - never been done before) :

  • Conceptualisedtrademarked and patent application made in 2004 (not taken up), the software engine was built 3 times over just to be able to cater for 194 countries simultaneously!
  • People can notify companies registered on the 1Address database of any change in their contact information at the click of a button
  • People can notify companies whether they opt in/out of marketing material, using the 1Address website
  • People can import their e-mail contacts into the 1Address system from multiple platforms, including G-mail, hotmail, outlook and others
  • People can then notify all their personal contacts of any change of e-mail address at the click of a button
  • People can notify companies / organisations whether or not they would like e-statements or their statements sent to their physical address
  • Massive Savings for the environment with the "save our 1Address" environmental awareness drive
  • In a nutshell, 1Address enables people and companies / organisations to maintain contact with one another, all in 1place, namely 1Address and do great things to help the environment   

     This filing system was initially created by my father is the '80's (I simply put it online)

Essentially this system helps any business:

  • be more streamlined with its paperwork
  • more organised - much faster to find paperwork using this system
  • more efficient - when your filing is in order, then crunching the numbers becomes easy
  • less time spent filing and organising by the accountant = time saving = money saving
  • now this system can be ordered worldwide via the internet :